The Long Dark Modding Wiki


The Long Development is a small team project and a collaborative community effort to expand The Long Dark’s Great Bear Island in a beautiful and balanced way. We are focused on creating as 'Hinterland-like' regions as possible to ensure that they fit within the vanilla game, and not feel out of place. We are not out to make the perfect base locations, but rather the most balanced locations.

     Our team consists of a handful of core team members. The variety of work that each person brings allows this mod to be as expansive and unique as it is. Our mod features brand new regions that seamlessly connect to the larger world of Great Bear and that are filled with custom 3D modeled structures that really make these regions stand out. Last but not least is (as of now) 15 minutes of new music that not only fits our various regions' atmospheres, but also fits in with the rest of the soundtrack featured in survival mode.

    As of now, we have 2 major regions as well as 1 transition region in development, with more planned for the future. We take our time when creating these regions, as every member is contributing to this project with our own free time. We apply the ‘no crunch’ rules and our work releases whenever we feel it is ready, and it is totally free, now and forever.

You can keep up to date with development, while also talking directly to us and the community here on our Discord:

You can check out our November 2021 DevLog here for some exclusive sneak peeks:

Mountain Pass


This is a large rocky region connecting to Forsaken Shore and Timberwolf Mountain. Although its actual terrain size is similar to Pleasant Valley, its playable area is closer in size to the Timberwolf Mountain map. The map features 3 distinct layers that all provide a balanced gameplay experience.

  • The Basin: This rocky crater contains a lake with fishing huts, a pair of cabins, and a multitude of spaces for hunting.
  • The Railroad: A long railway bisects this layer of region and features a maintenance station for locomotives and train cars. Following the track south leads you to a bridge that spans The Fissure, enabling access to the other side and upper most layer of the region.
  • The Peak: On the highest layer, there rests a custom cabin overlooking the entire region, perfect for getting a good view and taking pretty screenshots. The cabin will feature a indoor fire and access to a basement containing a workbench.