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How to install MODS on The Long Dark 2021

Video guidance if you were having trouble following along with just the text.

The following has been copied from the Long Dark Modding Discord server:

Welcome to The Long Dark Modding Server! @everyone as our welcome message has since been changed due to the news of mods being possible once more! Whether you're here to see what mods are out, discuss an existing mod, or learn to take up modding the game yourself, you came to the right place! As you might already know, we have had a hiccup in our modding capabilities since build 1.56 of the game, however that is now been remedied thanks to tools like melon loader and the geniuses in our modding community - thanks to this old and cherished mods are coming back alive left and right. For a full list of working mods, and download the latest ones - check out Instructions For Installing Mods!

1. Ensure you are using game build 1.77 or above

2. Turn off crash reporting and analytics in the game's privacy settings

3. Download MelonLoader.Installer.exe (mod loading tool):

4. Run MelonLoader.Installer.exe - doesn't matter where

5. Select the tld.exe executable in your TheLongDark install directory (e.g. at C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\TheLongDark)

6. Download your favorite mods from

7. Move the mod files you downloaded into the "Mods" folder inside the game's directory

8. Enjoy! Huge credit goes to @zeobviouslyfakeacc for the detailed instructions and integrating melon loader into TLD, making mods possible again!

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